BRCA+ Support Groups

People who discover they carry a BRCA gene often are faced with many difficult questions and will likely require support as they move forward. As the number of men and women who find they carry a BRCA gene continues to grow, several organizations are finding ways to offer support to carriers both on- and off-line.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Support

Online support can be extremely helpful for answering questions that BRCA+ men and women or their family members have in real-time. Many of these groups, which often run on Facebook or other platforms, provide access to a large number of people, both locally and globally, who are grappling with the same questions you might be and can also provide insight into options and research you may not know about.

The drawbacks of online support are that they require comfort with computers and online interactions, and there is no guarantee that your data will be 100% protected. That being said, many men and women find these groups to be very helpful and supportive, particularly when they first learn about their BRCA status.

Support for Men

Local Support Group

Men with the BRCA gene can find benefit from connecting with a supportive network. Although options for support for men with the BRCA gene are currently more limited than they are for women, the Prostate Cancer Foundation BC offers a variety of excellent resources for men at high risk of prostate cancer and living with prostate cancer, including information, specialist talks, walking clubs and support groups. Men who are interested in these groups do not need to have been diagnosed with prostate cancer to attend. They are also encouraged to attend the groups with their partners, if they wish.

Facebook Support Group (International)