Genetic Testing Research Project

The Screen Project

The Screen Project is a Canadian National initiative to make BRCA1 & BRCA2 screening available to all Canadians over 18 years of age at an accessible price. The Screen Project provides a unique opportunity to receive standard genetic counselling alongside results, results are considered reputable and acceptable by BC’s Hereditary Cancer program and there is an additional benefit of contributing to an important Canadian research study, one that is paving the way for population-based genetic testing across the globe. Testing is conducted by San Francisco-based Invitae Genetics.

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Cost $250 USD
Genes Screened BRCA 1 & BRCA 2, with an option to include additional genes for interested participants
Accreditation Meets CLIA and CAP standards
Confidential Yes
Privacy Available Yes
Referral Process Self-referral, on-line
Test Collection Method Saliva Test – a Test Kit will be mailed to you
Pre-Counselling Available No
Result Wait Time 5-7 days for initial contact, 7 days to place order and receive kit, 7-10 days for results, once kit received
Post-Counselling Available Yes – positive result recipients will receive standard genetic counselling by study genetic counsellor
Written Report You will be notified about results through the Invitae patient portal and/or by the study genetic counsellor (result dependent)
Genetic Profile Accepted by BC Hereditary Cancer Program.
Medical Follow Up Through BC Hereditary Cancer Program